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Redesigning digital music distributions

Within the challenging and ever-changing market, learn how to differentiate your positioning. MusicOK empowers artists, musicians, and music labels to directly connect with their fans and new listeners. Stand out amongst the noise.

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A scalable digital distribution to a wider range of audiences, platforms and music services, to successfully populate the market with your music. Answer fans demands instantly.

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    The Active Aggregator

    For nearly two decades, MusicOk’s team has curated, promoted, and designed all its clients’ profiles. A platform dedicated to redefining the digital music sector with creative, engaging, and innovative talent.

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    Music entertainment

    Ignite your influence on platforms like YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Rev up your reachability with tech connections and MusicOk’s team of industry experts to make a significant market impression.

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    Promo & Marketing

    We provide economical marketing strategies, page curation, posts, and listeners interactions to create content that resonates with audiences worldwide, streaming listening, playlist activities. 24/7 fully-operative team to support your career project.

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    Sales & Trends

    From rights management to distribution or reporting, experience: speed, accuracy, lower costs, and trends overview. Manage your data collection, processing, and analysis. Your next generation performance system.
    Your digital sales all in one.

Our Trusted Partners


Music is getting “Short” 🤏

The industry is moving to a new way to connect with fans, and short-form video platforms remain one of the most important tools in artist marketing. A well-defined strategy is the key and music marketers have a growing number of tools available to refine their creativity and interact with the community.

Discover new territories for your music: South Korea

MusicOK’s team has worked for the last years in order to create an efficient connection with the most followed and populated music platforms based in the Korean territory, from the number 1 streaming service MelON, to the newest services entering into a fast-growing market, like Flo Music or Bugs! Get in touch with the team and learn how to sell your music and customise it for the best offer on stores!

Quick actions, quality contents, solid impact. The importance to be behind on TikTok!

TikTok has more than 1 billion monthly users. “More than 1 billion people around the world now come to TikTok every month to be entertained as they learn, laugh, or discover something new”. With 315 million downloads in that quarter alone making themselves the go-to platform for entertainment at that time. Did you know? Users spend an average of a “whopping” 95 minutes per day (over 1.5 hours) in the platform? Think visual/vertical for your next project.